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The team behind has been in the travel industry for over 20 years. We began in 2006 and have been renting ever since. We started from a small retail store in Sydney and have since become an online operation with over 20 staff in 3 countries. Our team speaks 7 languages on any given day and operates 18 hours a day. Our team has traveled the globe on a budget in campervans and is able to bring those linguistic skills and experience to help you with your bookings! Keep up to date with our team's latest advice on our Facebook page!

The team includes all the following characters...

AJ is the number 1 campervan salesperson in the World. Just ask him! In all seriousness, this guy loves campers and motorhomes and nothing excites him more than putting bums on seats. AJ speaks German and English.

Andy has been working in the travel industry since his early teens (is that legal?) when his father started a hostel in Noosa. Andy likes cooking, photography and surfing. Andy speaks English and Strayn and is based in Sydney.

Gaz is one of the unique characters of the campercan industry. Born with the ability to talk with a mouthful of marbles, this is one kid from Essex who thrives on customer service and takes immense pride in his work. Gaz speaks English, Cockney and Chavish. He wants you to know that he DJs too, mainly duets. He is based in Sydney.

Cam is the tall timber. He has been working in the NZ tourism industry since leaving school, and to get him on the path towards marriage he decided to take an office job after graduating from university recently. Unfortunately his office is in the bearpit, working tirelessly to win his customers a deal. Thankfully this is what he is good at so the move has been a good one. 

Maria is a reformed professional surfer who hosted the first surfing show to be aired on Portuguese TV from 2006-2011. Not a bad gig for a 16 year old Grommet. Now she surfs for fun all over NZ. Maria speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Steve hails from London but has spent the better part of his working life in the NZ motorhome industry. Steve loves ocean swimming, which is hardly his national sport, so he's found his home in Auckland Harbour. He also wrestles crocodiles and campervan operators to get a good deal.

Karen is proudly Tahitian but has lived in NZ for several years. She has a Commerce degree and works terrifically hard to ensure that our customers get good service. She can also keep you up til late telling stories about growing up on an island paradise. Karen speaks French and English.

Winnie is from Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and German. She has completed her undergraduate degree in Arts and Economics, and spends her spare time engaged in a myriad of activities like literature, beer drinking, Pokemon and beer drinking.

Lisa grew up in Holland and New Zealand and is studying Business at Auckland University of Technology where she recently received a scholarship for being such a superstar! 

Rebecca finished school when she was in her teens and has backed her prodigy status up with ongoing success at university. Rebecca spent her childhood in Germany and her adolescence in Auckland where she continues her BComm, BA, BCom, B-Motorhomes and B-Legend.

Barb is from Peru and she speaks every language under the sun, well 5 or so of them. As well as perfect French and German, Barb doesn't mind dabbling in her native Spanish and also Portuguese. When not studying and obtaining cheap motorhome rentals for her customers, 

Chris can't surf. He enjoys cycling and Edwardian literature and is prone to taking part in bike adventures around Europe with his mates from European bike touring company, Ride and Seek. In his normal life Chris runs We Love Travel.
Chris speaks English, and French woefully.

Jason is the coolest guy under 30 which is oronic because his kids are under 30 too, just. When not visiting the barber Jason loves programming for the web. His youth belies the 15+ years of experience that Jason has gained in the travel industry. Jason speaks English and Java.

Karim is a machine. When on a diet this guy will eat for Australia. If he was in an eating competition with Kobayashi, Kobayashi would be dessert. When he's not dieting he is a normal guy who would do arm curls with a horizontal Kobayashi, while dancing to Flo Rida. Karim speaks English with a Schwarzenegger accent.

Amy loves a gag. NSFW type of stuff, but hilarious. Amy loves New Zealand but it is on the exact opposite side from her roots on the Geordie Shore of Durham. A good churchish town for this wee lass. When not repenting Amy can be seen swigging Jamesons. Amy speaks English and Geordie, spoken like lilting birdsong.

Yin runs the show and is the backbone of the operation. Everyone loves Yin as she is responsible for paying everyone. She has years of experience in the travel industry including as Senior Finance Manager at American Express Travel. Now that she works for an online company, Yin Tweets, Pins, Likes, Shares, Posts, Instagrams and Facebooks all the time. Yin speaks Cantonese and Kiwi.

Priya works for Yin and is studying for her CPA, which is hard work. But not nearly as hard as working for Yin The Task Master.


Here's some snaps of the team!